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In order to determine the nutritional quality of a product with the Nutri-Score, to analyze its degree of processing with NOVA, or to determine if it suitable for vegans or vegetarians, we need to:

  • categorize the product
  • extract its list of ingredients (it can often be done very easily by selecting and cropping the ingredient list in product photos and automatically extracting the text from the photo)
  • add the values from the nutrition facts table
NutriScore nutrition grade B
3 - Processed foods
Ingredients analysis:
Ingredients analysis

Filling in other information like the product name, the brand, the labels (e.g. organic and fair trade), the origins of ingredients, the type of packaging etc. also enables even more features and comparisons.

We need you!

We need your help to make the most of the product photos and data that we already have on Open Food Facts.

Here is how you can help us:

  1. Create an account on the Open Food Facts web site (if you have installed our mobile app, you may already have created an account which also works on the web site) and log-in.
  2. Select a product on the list of products to be completed.
  3. Click on Edit the page at the top of the product page.
  4. And help fill some of the information:
    • Fill in the basic details like product name, brand and quantity
    • Select a category for the product
    • Select and crop the ingredients list and the nutrition facts table from the photos we have for the product.
    • Use the automatic text recognition for the ingredients and correct the spelling if the computer had trouble do extract all of them.
    • Fill in the nutrition facts so that we can compute the Nutri-Score.
  5. Join us on our Slack to chat and exchange with other contributors, ask questions or take part in our special operations!

Extracting ingredients takes only a few seconds:

Ingredient analysis

Thank you!

Open Food Facts is a non-profit project that wouldn't exist without your help. Data about the food we eat has many uses and can change the lives of many. This is why all the data we gather is freely available to all, in open data, so that we can build a common good that benefits everyone.

As result, your contributions help millions of persons who use our mobile app and web site to choose better food products, but also public health researchers who use our data for their studies.

Thank you very much for your help and support!